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Tired of Dry Skin? We have the answer..

If you’re like us dry skin is a constant problem which makes Jane Iredale Hydration Spray a must have product!

Healthy Hydration Sprays from Jane Iredale skin care makeup line that nourish and protects your skin is an easy purchase when you asses all the great benefits for you. There are three different varieties to choose from.

The D2O spray has ylang ylang extracts to hydrate and plump cells, it also contains ingredients to calm and protect the skin. It is a great spray for anyone for post-laser treatment.

Pom-mist Hydration spray is a facial spritz with pomegranate extracts which is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector. It hydrates and conditions as it protects and is good for all skin types. Pom-mist hydration spray not only sets the mineral makeup but it helps to conceal pores and fine lines.

Balance Hydration spray is formulated specifically to help balance skins oil production and the PH of the skin. This facial spritz has orange essential oil and orange peel extracts along with grapefruit and algae extract that calm and feed the skin.

All the Jane Iredale hydration sprays have earned the Eco-cert Natural and Organic cosmetic Certification. This certification verifies that 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin, and the ingredients are comprised of 5-10%Organic farming. The essential ingredients and benefits of the original formulas have been retained.

Not only does the Hydration Sprays set the mineral makeup but it can be used to dampen brushes to create eye liners of any color from a powder formula. It also works great to control static in hair.

These hydration sprays smell fresh and clean, fight free radicals to prevent premature aging. This product is a must to rejuvenate and calm the skin, it is simply amazing.

Article was written by a professional and licensed aesthetician Christine Hurst, who is the owner of Impeccable Visage, transformative aesthetics. You can find her website on this address:

Best Prices on Top Vegas Buffets

bellagio Las Vegas

When it’s time to get away you know you just #gottavegas

Like many hotels and tourist destinations, buffets raise their fees weekends, especially during Super Bowl Sunday, 4th of July, March Madness, and Mother’s and Father’s Day. Some buffets offer special menu items for Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

This trick won’t work at the buffets that close between meals, but few do. The cost of buffets vary depending on the meal of the day. If your timing is right, you may be able to pay the entry fee for breakfast and stick around for the menu change at lunch, or pay for lunch and stick around for dinner. Of course every buffet is different, but maybe you can use that to your advantage. For more information on all of Las vegas Buffets and a full 2016 price list please visit for all you Vegas related needs.


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