When it’s time to get away you know you just #gottavegas

Like many hotels and tourist destinations, buffets raise their fees weekends, especially during Super Bowl Sunday, 4th of July, March Madness, and Mother’s and Father’s Day. Some buffets offer special menu items for Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

This trick won’t work at the buffets that close between meals, but few do. The cost of buffets vary depending on the meal of the day. If your timing is right, you may be able to pay the entry fee for breakfast and stick around for the menu change at lunch, or pay for lunch and stick around for dinner. Of course every buffet is different, but maybe you can use that to your advantage. For more information on all of Las vegas Buffets and a full 2016 price list please visit www.totalvegasbuffets.com for all you Vegas related needs.